Loving Your Labia

Dr. Jenni Skyler of the Intimacy Institute

“I have really uneven labia. One is totally small and normal, the other is ”beefy” and protrudes… For me, worst of all, I just feel like ill never know just how ”weird” or ”abnormal” this really is.”

First of all, you are totally normal. The shape, size, and color of the entire vulva—including the inner and outer labia, the clitoris, the clitoral hood, and the vaginal opening—will differ from woman to woman. Our vulvas are like fingerprints, each unique, and each normal. The inner lips may be beefier and bigger than the outer lips, or the other way around. One lip may be bigger than the other. Or all lips may be small and symmetrical or full and fabulous.

I highly suggest looking at the labia and anatomy sections on the site, Clitoris.com.  There you will find a plethora of pictures with various vulvas. I like women to really explore these pictures as it normalizes the idea that vulvas really do come in many shapes, sizes and colors. Like a magazine cover, we rarely see more full figured women or women with freckles or scars. If all women were to look like the flawless stick figures of Vogue, then there would be no room for so many other types of beauty. Same goes for our vulvas. We rarely get to see what other types of vulvas exist—beyond the small, shaved labias of Playboy. I encourage you to explore these pictures to see that there is a very varied world out there—and it’s all beautiful.

Then get some mirror time and start to look at yourself. Let go of the naïve boyfriend who was too immature to accept your unique beauty. Once you can accept and then love your labia, then so will the lucky man who gets to be with you next.

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Jenni Skyler, PhD, MSEd is a sex therapist and board certified sexologist. She is the Director of The Intimacy Institute for sex and relationship therapy in Boulder, Colorado. She holds a doctorate in Clinical Sexology and a Master of Education in Counseling Psychology. She has worked in the field of sexual health as a therapist, educator, and public health consultant since 2005 and writes for www.sexualhealth.com and Sexy Shabbos with Dr. Jenni.

One Response to “Loving Your Labia”

  1. Personally I love large clits and labias. The beefier the better for me. They seem to have more personality and I find them more sensual. Many men feel the same way. Do not despair!

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