Sunday Sex Talk with Dr. Jenni: Virginity

Dr. Jenni Skyler of the Intimacy Institute

As you may have noticed, we get quite a few secrets dealing with the issue of virginity.  For the first edition of Sunday Sex Talk, Dr. Jenni shares her perspective on the subject:

Virginity is a valued commodity that you can hold and cherish until you find that right person. But rather than looking outside of yourself, I suggest you look inside.
You don’t need to wait around for Mr. Right to have a stellar sexual relationship. YOU are Mrs. Right, and the first sexual relationship you should fully engage in is with yourself. Once you feel and believe that you are your own perfect partner, you will find that you naturally attract potential partners who can meet you where you need to be met. Don’t sit around and wait for someone else to take your virginity. Give it when you are ready…when you have fully explored your own topographical body map and all the sensual secrets it holds.
This post was inspired, in large part, by this secret,
Jenni Skyler, PhD, MSEd is a sex therapist and board certified sexologist. She is the Director of The Intimacy Institute for sex and relationship therapy in Boulder, Colorado. She holds a doctorate in Clinical Sexology and a Master of Education in Counseling Psychology. She has worked in the field of sexual health as a therapist, educator, and public health consultant since 2005 and writes for and Sexy Shabbos with Dr. Jenni.


Secrets Connect has invited Dr. Jenni Skyler to provide comments and advice on topics of interest to our users, but Secrets Connect does not review or edit any of Dr. Jenni Skyler’s content and, therefore, while we like what she has to say (otherwise we would not have invited her to blog), we do not necessarily endorse all her content and ask that you direct all your questions to her regarding her content (like you’d ask us for advice anyway!).  So long story short, Dr. Jenni Skyler is completely responsible for her content and we aren’t! Also, Secrets Connect does not pay or in any manner provide compensation to Dr. Jenni Skyler.

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